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12 Apr 2012

High-volume horns from WERMA

Audible signals are used when signalling with light is insufficient or unsuitable. In industrial environments, signal horns warn for example against hazardous situations or else register faults. In such situations the warning tone must rapidly attract attention and explicitly indicate a particular danger.

High-volume horns from WERMA

Loud signal horns warn reliably

WERMA now offers two new signal horns in attractive housings and with impressive sound output. With up to xx dB, these electronic horns are also safe and reliable in large machine halls and in areas with high ambient loudness.

The new horns are available in versions with or without funnel, and thanks to the integrated mounting bracket can be simply and rapidly fixed to walls or machines.


Extreme service life
State-of-the-art technology is used in the signal horns, thus enabling an extremely long life duration of up to 5,000 hours: the high-volume horn tone is emitted with the aid of sophisticated electronics.
WERMA intentionally does without use of electromechanical components in the product that are susceptible to wear and tear, and in this way the long-life WERMA horns can be used up to ten times longer than similar conventional products.


Diverse application areas
The horns are an optimal solution for loud warnings and indications in large works halls and yards, but can also be used in smaller buildings and industrial plants due to their infinitely settable volume.
Their innovative design and attractive housing mean that they ideally adapt to areas where modern architecture is of importance.

Thanks to the high IP 65 protection rating they can be installed in building interiors but also outside in rough ambient conditions.

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