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12 Apr 2012

This signal tower talks to you!

A new vocal element for signal towers gives definitive instructions and impresses with outstanding tonal and sound quality

<p>This signal tower talks to you!</p>

Would you like to invite your machine operator to immediate activity with a self-spoken text? Give unambiguous instructions? Perhaps even in the appropriate country language? Or announce break times with a "Let’s have a break" instead of the usual gong? Your customers could even be greeted with your personal company melody when they enter the building...

If that's so then WERMA has the perfect solution for you: The new vocal element reproduces tones, melodies and self-spoken texts in a unique way.


A small element with a great effect radius
The "speaking" module is simply integrated into the existing WERMA signal tower, and thanks to a bayonet catch system is immediately ready to function. Up to three further light elements can be supplemented to visually support the vocal or audio message.

The vocal element is connected simply to the PC or laptop with the USB connection cable included in delivery. This is automatically detected as new hardware and is displayed as an external memory in Explorer.


Simple operation and individual play lists
Now existing audio files such as sounds, alarm tones, melodies or texts can be easily saved to the vocal element via the supplied software.

Users can draw up individual play lists, define sequence of play or various playing modi with convincing simplicity. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology up to 50 customer-specific mp3 or wav files can be stored, and up to 15 of these files can be played via the remote control option.


Loud announcements and excellent tonal quality
The new vocal element features outstanding quality of tone and variable sound output of up to 88 dB.

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