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07 May 2012

WERMA steps up Ex product range

New compact beacon family offers impressive performance data Over recent years, WERMA has consistently driven forward the development and expansion of its efficient explosion-proof signalling device range. The latest addition is a completely new compact beacon family. Alongside the 729 series with permanent, flashing and rotating LED beacon, additionally available in an enhanced visibility EVS version, also on offer are the 728 with its classic xenon flash and the 785, a mechanical rotating mirror beacon. Shared benefits of the new Ex beacon range include an excellent standard of workmanship and a range of innovative detail solutions such as the universal mounting bracket.

WERMA steps up Ex product range

Increasing focus on explosion protection
While there has been growing sensitivity in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the mining sector towards explosion risk, in recent years plant owners in the food, metalworking and woodworking industries have also been taking a closer interest in this issue. The risks arising in these sectors are due largely to the presence of explosive dust.

Reliable signalling despite gas, dust and low temperatures
WERMA has been developing products with dual approval for many years which are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres at risk from both gas and dust. The new ex-proof beacon series 729, 728 and 785 are also approved for use in zones 1 and 21.
By ensuring effective explosion protection even at extreme temperatures down to as low as -50°C, the application spectrum of these new beacons has been significantly increased.

Investment in production and test facilities
There is more to the development and production of a completely new explosion-proof product series than meets the eye. Alongside the costly development and product approval process, the testing and assembly facilities required aso entail heavy investment. These are essential to guarantee the consistently high standard of quality customers have come to expect from WERMA.

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