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04 Apr 2011

Five colours in one go

- the flat LED installation beacon Multicolour 239

Five colours in one go

With the new Multicolour 239 LED installation beacon, users have five colours in one beacon: red, yellow, green, clear and blue. In this way you can signal several conditions at the same time with one device, whereby previously you would have needed five beacons. This saves you space, cabling and installation effort and therefore real money!

Flat and bright all round
The compact installation beacon has a diameter of 50 mm and thanks to its slender dimensions protrudes from the surface by a mere 22 mm. This makes the signal device the ideal choice in tight-fitting installation spaces, for example for operating panels or switching cabinets.
The compact dimensions also make it the right solution especially for automation, installation in switching panels and large-scale systems with many process steps.
The WERMA construction designers have ensured that the very bright light signal of the LED beacon is not only highly visible from the front but also from the sides as well.

Highly simple mounting
The signal device can be easily installed with single hole mounting thanks to M22 installation dimensions. The LED beacon is connected to 24 V supply voltage via screwable connections. Control of the various colours is bit-coded so that for five colours only three feed lines are required.

Install and forget - long-life, maintenance-free LED
The Multicolour 239 LED installation beacon is also very frugal in terms of upkeep: the energy-saving RGB LEDs need a maximum of only 75 mA.

Once installed you don't need to waste any more thoughts on the beacon. The high life duration of up to 50,000 hours gives you long-life and reliably maintenance-free beacons, and thanks to its IP 65 protection rating the beacon is water-protected and dust-tight.

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