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09 Jan 2011

Signalling safely according to the new machinery directive

WERMA aids the construction of directive-compliant and safe machines and facilities. In accordance with the new European 2006/42/EC machine directive (valid since 29.12.2009), all WERMA signal devices are suitable for machine signalling according to their specific application areas:

Signalling safely according to the new machinery directive

1. Non-safety relevant signal or warning devices:
All WERMA signal devices are suitable to be used as normal signal and warning devices. They fulfill relevant regulations with regard to safety colours and designations and can be unhesitatingly installed by construction engineers. These in turn benefit from the clear signalling, high quality and long life duration of the WERMA signal devices.

2. Signal facilities in safety applications:
The new machinery directive adopted on 29.12.2009 demands a more stringent safety analysis for machines and facilities by machine engineers.
If a signal device is part of the safety concept of a machine, then it is intended to prevent injury and damage to people and facilities. With the aid of key safety figures the design engineer must integrate the selected signal device into his risk analysis.

WERMA offers these values for signal devices right across its complete assortment, making available the MTTFd- value for signal devices in accordance with the currently valid EN ISO 13849-1 safety standard. This specifies the nominal operational duration until failure. The TÜV (German technical control board) has tested and certified this value for signal towers and optical, acoustic or combined signal devices. The result is that all convincingly achieve the best MTTFd value (> 100 years).
The machine engineer is able to integrate these signal devices directly into his risk analysis, and this makes his construction significantly simpler.
Selection can be made between award-winning signal devices such as the flashing multi-tone sounder 444, small installed signal devices such as the LED beacon 231, larger beacons with moving light effects or purely acoustic devices such as the sounder 584.
The company also offers classic signal towers with TÜV-tested MTTFd value. This is available with light and sounder in two diameters (50 or 70 mm).

Monitored signal devices with maximum PL for safety-relevant signalling
WERMA also offers two optical signal devices with integral monitoring electronics. These achieve the highest PL 'e' Performance Level possible (according to the EN ISO 13849-1 safety standard).
The two WERMA 826 and 829 permanent beacons are self-monitoring thanks to integrated electronics and feature two zero-potential safety outputs for direct connection to the control. This saves on expensive and complex external monitoring. 

3. Hygienically perfect signalling (for foodstuff and pharmaceutical machines)
As the first manufacturer worldwide, WERMA has developed a signal tower that complies with the EHEDG regulations for hygienic design. The optic and acoustic signal device is called CleanSIGN, and enables plant operators to more easily adhere to the requirements of the machine directive. This specifies that where machines are used in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical sectors, the risk of infection or disease should be eliminated.
The special CleanSIGN form decisively reduces the risk of soiling from signal devices.

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