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12 Apr 2010

The LED Multicolour Installation Beacon for AS Interface

– an attractive option with a range of advantages

The LED Multicolour Installation Beacon for AS Interface

Five in one
With the new LED installation beacon Multicolour 239 for AS interface, users benefit form five colours in one beacon: red, yellow, green, clear and blue. This allows several status levels to be signalled by just one device, where previously five beacons were required. As a result the space, cabling and installation requirements are kept to a minimum and costs are reduced.

Strong all-round performance
The compact beacon protrudes only slightly when mounted in a panel, making it a good alternative to more bulky solutions. WERMA engineers have ensured that the LED beacon’s very bright light effect radiates strongly both to the front and the side.

Extended addressing in accordance with the V3.0 specification
The LED installation beacon Multicolour for AS interface is suitable for the extended addressing (A/B technology) of up to 62 modules. The beacon is supplied with power via the bus.
Thanks to its M22 installation dimension, the signal device can easily be installed via single-hole mounting, and is simply connected to the bus cable using a two-pole screw connector.
Its compact dimensions and the use of AS interface technology ensure that the LED beacon 239 is especially suited for control panel installation, and larger plants with many automated processes.

Install and forget – long life and maintenance-free LEDs
The LED installation beacon Multicolour 239 for AS interface is also extremely economical in terms of running costs. The energy-saving RGB-LEDs only require 40 to 80 mA.
Once installed, maintenance concerns are a thing of the past: with a long life duration of up to 50,000 hours, the product provides a reliable and maintenance-free solution.

The high protection rating IP 65 ensures that the beacons are water and dust resistant.

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