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12 Apr 2010

Traffic Lights with a Sounder

Combine 890 Series Beacons with the Multi-tone Sounder 190!

Traffic Lights with a Sounder

Huge selection of tones
The multi-tone sounder 190 offers a wide range of international signal tones: 32 continuous, alternating or pulsing tones at a range of different frequencies are available, including the fire alarm and other alarm signals from a range of countries.

An easy addition to an optical solution
The new multi-tone sounder 190 has been designed in the same housing as the 890 series (LED) beacons. The sounder can therefore be effortlessly combined with up to three beacons, available in the colours red, yellow, green, blue and clear.
The individual devices can be fired directly on to the desired surface (floor or wall). Alternatively the beacon can be set at a specific directional angle using the practical fixing bow which is available at an accessory.

Installing the product is child’s play: simply attach the two brackets to the wall, mount the pre-assembled and wired signal device, adjust the directional angle the nuts on each side.

Robust and loud – outdoor as well as inside
Thanks to its high protection rating IP 65, the multi-tone sounder is ideal for demanding applications or for outside installation, for example on buildings, factory premises, garages or multi-storey car parks.
WERMA’s acoustic experts have ensured that the sounder reaches an impressive 110 dB sound output so that it can still be heard within a car in a multi-storey car park.

The new multi-tone sounder for the traffic light series 890 is WERMA’s answer to the growing demand for audible signalling in traffic light applications.

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