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12 Apr 2010

Quadratic and Compact: the LED Beacon 853

The new compact LED beacon 853 - easy to install and economical!

Quadratic and Compact: the LED Beacon 853

WERMA has developed an attractive beacon with flexible application and combination options: the LED beacon 853 is a small signal device with a black housing and coloured dome. It is available as either an LED permanent light or LED double flash variant in the colours red, green, yellow, clear and blue.
The quadratic design represents a completely new addition to the WERMA product range.

Save time during installation!
The LED beacon 853 can be attached to the wall with four drill holes - or it can be attached even quicker using the supplied quick-mount bracket: attach it to the wall with just two drill holes and then simply click the beacon into place.
The cable can be fed through one of the eight self-sealing membranes without any tools saving 30% of the usual installation time. Once the cable has been connected to the terminals, the dome can be clipped onto the base secured using the four captive quick-release screws.

Installation made easy – flexible expansion to traffic light
Nothing is easier than combining the 853 LED beacons to form traffic lights: simply connect one beacon to the next one in a different colour using the connection element. The eight threaded insertion points at the sides of the beacon enable it to be extended at any time. You can also combine the beacons to create other forms, e.g. an L-shape, a box form, or five beacons in a row. There are no restrictions on your imagination!

Value for money
WERMA engineers have specially designed the LED beacon 853 so that the bright light signal is clearly visible from both the front and the sides.
The signal device offers an ideal combination of both performance and brightness at an attractive price.

Install and forget – long life, economical, and maintenance-free LEDs
In terms of running costs the LED beacon 853 provides significant advantages: the energy- saving LEDs require extremely little power; in the 24 volt LED permanent light variant as little as 60 to 80 mA.
Once installed, maintenance concerns are a thing of the past the impressive life duration of up to 50,000 hours, guaranties a reliable and maintenance-free solution.

Robust beacon for the building service industry
The high degree protection rating IP 65, ensures that the flexible, multi-talented beacon is ideally suited to demanding applications or outdoor installation in the building service industry.

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