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23 Nov 2010

The new 281 LED Obstruction Light from WERMA

- resists spray, wind and weather

The new 281 LED Obstruction Light from WERMA

Salt water and fuel resistant
The new WERMA obstruction light is especially robust. It provides reliable signalling for all air traffic hazards – even in extreme conditions.
To protect the obstruction light against sea salt, UV radiation or aviation fuel, WERMA has selected a particularly robust material - the aluminium die-cast housing is made of a high-quality salt water resistant alloy which is covered with a powder coating.
The glass lens is made of hardened borosilicate glass. This ensures that the signalling device does not weather even in the toughest conditions.

Once installed, the signalling device lasts many years
Thanks to the LED technology, WERMA’s obstruction light is maintenancefree.
With a life duration of up to 50,000 hours the LEDs last up to 50 times longer than conventional light bulbs. This fact embodies one of the biggest advantages of LED obstruction lights, as it does away with the cumbersome job of replacing light bulbs at great heights.

Tested and favourably graded
In Germany, the 281 Obstruction Light can mark obstacles of any height during the night, as long as the highest point can be lit.
It has been approved by the specialist department of the Federal Government's Water and Shipping Administration, after undergoing testing for photometric properties such as brightness, angle of radiation and colour. These properties have been confirmed with a certificate.

The WERMA Obstruction Light meets the requirements of the "General Administrative Provision for the Identification of Aviation Obstacles" in Germany, and the specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO ("Low Intensity Obstacle Light, Type A").

Easy installation
Despite the robust housing, WERMA has ensured that the device can be installed by just one person: The cable is simply fed through a large cable gland, and the two housing parts are connected with a safety cable. The light can be fixed directly to a surface or a tube with a M25 thread without requiring any other accessories.

WERMA offers the 281 Obstruction Light in two models - one for use with a 230 V mains supply, and a further 12-50 DC multi-voltage version. The latter model is well suited to battery operation.

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