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23 Nov 2010

Safe installation of large WERMA beacons at heights

Accessoryensures rapid installation process

Safe installation of large WERMA beacons at heights

WERMA has developed a highly practical installation aid to quickly fix the largest WERMA beacons to tubes.
Users can now install the following beacons with even greater ease:
the 280 LED Obstruction light, the 280 and 838 Double Flash beacons, the 883 Rotating Mirror beacon and the 884 Rotating beacon.
The new adaptor is made of impact-resistant PC/ABS blend and fits tubes with a diameter of either ½" NPT (for the U.S. market) or 25 mm diameter.

Rapid installation even at heights
A further advantage of the practical accessory is that users can conveniently and safely pre-wire their signal devices and attach them to the accessory before fixing them to the tube at any height.
The supplied coupling ring is simply tightened with a few twists. This enables the device to be installed at exposed locations such as gate entrances or in production areas without a screwdriver.

New accessory offers greater functionality and costs less
In contrast to the previous metal flange solution, a supplied rubber seal and membrane grommet reliably protect the tube against dust and water. In addition the new accessory has greatly enhanced design qualities and is available at a lower price than the old tube installation solution.

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