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24 Nov 2009

A Complete Overview with WIN

Wireless Information Network The Simple Way to Increase the Productivity and Efficiency of Machines

A Complete Overview with WIN

Centralised machine monitoring without additional wiring
WERMA Signaltechnik provides an uncomplicated solution for the remote wireless monitoring of machinery. The “Wireless Information Network”, “WIN” for short, is a simple MDC system (Machine Data Collection system), enabling you to centrally monitor and evaluate up to fifty machines of varying ages and functions via wireless technology. Even machines which were not previously network-capable can now be integrated into networks.

Monitor, analyse and increase machine availability
With the WIN software you have your machinery in view. You can monitor machines, analyse previous machine states, identify error patterns and increase machine availability.
A simple, clearly arranged display interface assists the intuitive operation and monitoring.

Quick installation
WIN is quickly operational and does not entail high acquisition costs. Using a “Plug & Play” approach a transmitter, the “WIN slave”, is integrated into an existing WERMA KombiSIGN signal tower. This sends signals to a receiver, the “WIN master”, which is connected to the PC via an USB cable. The software is installed in an instant and guides the user, step by step, to their own network.

WERMA provides the following WIN product packages:

1The starter package: „WIN complete“ for KombiSIGN 71
With the starter package “WIN complete“ you can immediately start monitoring up to three machines.
The package contains three KombiSIGN 71 signal towers, the software, a handbook and the WIN master with USB cable. The pre-configured signal towers are fitted with LED permanent lights in red, yellow and green; a WIN slave and a base with integrated tube is also included.

More choice with “WIN system“ for KombiSIGN 70 and 71
With “WIN system“ the user has even more choice: The package consists of a WIN master including the software, a USB cable and three pre-configured WIN slaves. You can integrate this system into existing WERMA signal towers or select your own signal towers from WERMA’s wide range of KombiSIGN products. The WIN system allows up to eight machine states per machine to be monitored.

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