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24 Nov 2009

A Bright Future for Signal Technology

Good visibility, even in direct sunlight, is a basic precondition for the reliable deployment of signal devices in outside areas.

A Bright Future for Signal Technology

This is a standard feature of the signal beacons and towers from WERMA Signaltechnik, located in the southern German town of Rietheim. There are however applications which place even more extreme demands on the visibility of optical signalling.

Brighter than sunlight
For example, the signalling of mobile cranes movements on large construction sites must be clearly visible over large distances, even when the signal beacon is exposed to direct sunlight. The new, “ultrabright“ LED signal tower element for the WERMA signal towers KombiSIGN 70 and 71, effortlessly meets these requirements. Its bundled light is brighter than the incidental sunlight, making it clearly visible.

Up to 20 times brighter
Thanks to its sophisticated triggering, the innovative LED element “ultrabright” is up to 20 times brighter than conventional LED beacons making it almost certainly the brightest permanent light that the world of signalling technology currently has to offer. Furthermore, the intelligent electronics ensure that the LEDs operate at maximum brightness, depending on the ambient and operating temperatures. The “ultrabright“ LED element is therefore always working at its optimum, and the energy-saving LED technology also ensures that power consumption is kept to a minimum.

“Ultrabright“ masters the reflection of sunlight in snowy conditions
Skiers on the piste enjoy the sunlight. However, at the lift turnstiles sunlight reflected from the snow can be debilitating. Even in these extreme conditions, the KombiSIGN “ultrabright“ element wins out against the blinding sunlight, providing a clear and unambiguous signal: “Please enter now!“

“Ultrabright“ triumphs over neon tubes and illuminated signs
A similarly bright environment is to be found at airport baggage reclaim areas. Harsh lighting and illuminated signs make it hard to see the warning light that indicates the operation of the baggage carousel. However the “ultrabright“ element triumphs in such bright surroundings with its light intensive signal, ensuring it is clearly seen.

In short: Wherever the sun or other lighting factors impede visual perception, the WERMA signal towers KombiSIGN 70 and 71 triumph with their new, “ultrabright” LED element.

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