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24 Nov 2009

Design Highlights

Attractive industrial design is becoming increasingly important, even in the mechanical engineering sector. With its aesthetically pleasing signal tower FlatSIGN, WERMA Signaltechnik has already taken a step in this direction.

Design Highlights

Combining an attractive appearance with excellent functionality and high quality workmanship, the signal tower meets the high standards expected of a device “made in Germany”. With its curved form, it blends inconspicuously into machine housings and installations of a range of different sizes. Thanks to the extended range of colour and design variants it is especially suited to building services applications - and as an optical access control device it provides additional design options.

Individuality through colours, patterns and designs
In addition to form, good industrial design is also expressed through colour. In this regard the FlatSIGN proves it felt highly adaptable at it is, now available in a colour of your choice. You can choose from the complete range of RAL colours, as well as special designs such as wood or metallic effects and even a Zebra pattern. The colour can be used to blend the signal tower seamlessly into the machine, or as a stylish touch of colour to guarantee a design highlight.

100% signal visibility
As in the case of the conventional FlatSIGN, users of the individually coated variants profit from high signal visibility, even from the side. With each of the signals, whether red, yellow or green, you have the choice of either permanent or blinking light in order to indicate the urgency of the required action. As a means of intensifying the signal effect, an additional audible signal can also be triggered and a range of different tones are available.

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