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18 Nov 2009

Safety in Schools!

WERMA – signal devices for clear signalling and a rapid response in the event of violent incidents in schools

Safety in Schools!

Why is an amok warning system needed in schools?
Weeks after the school shooting in the Swabian town of Winnenden, there was still a sense of outrage, fear and incomprehension at the tragic event. However such events are no longer isolated incidents – news of shootings at German schools has frequently made the headlines over recent months.

Parents, head teachers and teaching staff are asking themselves how pupils can be protected from such attacks and what measures can be taken to guarantee a safe learning environment. The calls for a reliable warning system are becoming louder. Pupils and teachers must be informed and warned as clearly and rapidly as possible in the event of such a violent incident.

Is there such a thing as guaranteed safety?
As a matter of principle, it is never possible to guarantee safety to one hundred percent. Schools should not be converted into maximum security institutions. Security gates, surveillance cameras and metal detectors should not dominate the daily life of pupils.

Expert Committee on violence in schools recommends alarms
The Expert Committee on violence in schools established by the regional parliament in South West Germany attaches great importance to alarms and barricading measures and therefore recommends amok alarms in schools. According to the Expert Committee, these alarm signals must be completely separate from fire alarms and must be audible for everyone, i.e. also for those visiting the toilet or students that are not in the classroom at the time of the alarm.

The solution: Signal devices for clear signalling and a rapid response
WERMA has conducted an intensive study on the use of “signal devices for violent incident warning” holding numerous discussions with teachers and head teachers as well as drawing on the advice of experts. Building on this knowledge and the recommendation of the Expert Committee, the optical-audible combination 444 has been specially developed for use in schools. This signal device combines the attention-grabbing LED EVS signal with a loud 114 dB multi-tone sounder and can definitely not fail to achieve the desired warning effect.

WERMA offers a large range of signal towers, optical, audible and optical-audible signal devices. With their assistance, pupils and teachers can be quickly and clearly informed and warned in the event of an amok incident.

Options for amok warning signals
1. Optical signalling

With this form of signalling, a mute, optical warning is generated. The beacons alert people in the immediate vicinity with their attention grabbing optical signals and can be mounted in outdoor areas. Pupils and teachers can thus be prevented from entering the school building.
With the EVS light effect, WERMA offers the most attention-grabbing LED signal available.

2. Audible signalling
Audible signals warn of immanent danger by means of loud tones or a series of tones. People out of visual range can thus also be reliably warned. The WERMA solutions stand out with their loud signals of up to 120 dB.

3. Optical-audible signalling
These devices allow the audible signal to be strengthened by a coloured, optical stimulus. This combination generates a very high signal effect as the sensory stimuli address both hearing and vision. These products can be deployed, for example, in the school corridors. The optical signal warns people within visual range, while the audible signal additionally warns those pupils and teachers in the classrooms.

WERMA’s signal technology solutions stand out thanks to their attention-grabbing light effects, their loud and light intensive signals as well as their long-life LED technology which guarantees a life duration of more than 50,000 hours. Their high quality housings with IP 65 protection rating ensure that they can also be deployed in outdoor areas.

Individual solutions and competent advice
In each school institution there is a different set of given conditions. It is therefore especially important that the amok warning system can be individually tailored and configured to meet the needs and requirements of each school.

WERMA provides the appropriate products as well as competent, specialist support and advice. Our solutions are versatile and can be changed quickly and simply to meet the respective conditions.

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