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20 Apr 2009

The Multi-Coloured Talent with USB Interface

Thanks to its over 200,000 colours, the new LED Beacon (Multicolour) 816 from WERMA Signaltechnik can indicate a wide range of different states or results.

The Multi-Coloured Talent with USB Interface

Simple connection via USB – wide range of applications
The LED beacon Multicolour is capable of signalising anywhere where a PC with a USB interface is available, whether in the measuring technology field, in cash register systems, vending machines or in the private or industrial sector.
The beacon is simply attached to the USB 2.0 or 1.1 interface of a PC with a Windows or Linux operating system. Following the installation of the driver the beacon can be simply controlled as a serial interface.

Freely configure colours and light effects
The customer has complete freedom in the selection and programming of colours and light effects. Thanks to RGB LEDs, the user can select from a broad palette of over 200,000 colours. He can also configure a wide range of light effects, whether it be a permanent or blinking light, a special blink rhythm or a colour sequence cycle using all available colours.

Activation and mounting
The LED beacon is designed for installation mounting in openings with a diameter of 37 mm (PG29). With additional accessories, it can also be mounted on tubes with a diameter of 25 mm.
The beacon 816 is supplied with power via the USB interface. No additional hardware is required. A USB cable, user manual, demo program and driver are included.

Impact resistant even in outside areas
Thanks to the LED technology, the beacon has an extremely long life duration of up to 50,000 hours. The high protection rating IP65 enables it to be used both inside and outside. The Multicolour Beacon is extremely impact resistant up to 20 Joule, making it especially suited for use in heavily frequented areas.

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