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20 Apr 2009

LED Beacon 829: New Light Effects - Now Even Brighter

The Beacon Series 829 from WERMA stands out from the competition thanks to its clear, modern design, its light intensive signal and its long-life LED technology with a life duration of up to 50,000 hours.

LED Beacon 829: New Light Effects - Now Even Brighter

Thanks to the high protection rating IP 65, the beacons can be safely deployed both inside and outside. The LED beacons can be simply mounted on machines, brackets or tubes.

A wide range of light effects for a variety of applications
The easy to mount LED beacons are available in a range of different light effectss: Latest additions include the LED Double Flash as well as the attention grabbing LED EVS and LED Revolving Light. However, combined versions with a number of light effectss are also available: The multifunctional LED Permanent/Blinking Beacon, as well as the LED Permanent/Blinking/Rotating Light where the 3 light effects can be triggered externally.

LED Double Flash Beacon 829
Thanks to its special LED technology, the new LED Double-Flash Beacon 829 is shock-proof and vibration resistant. Top features include the high flash frequency of 1.5 Hz and the high flash intensity, generated by the triggering of two flashes in short succession.

LED EVS Beacon 829
The stochastic, random flickering light EVS (Enhanced Visibility System) has been developed by WERMA on a neurobiological basis. As deployed in the LED Beacon 829, this technology succeeds in generating an optimal attention level never previously reached by existing signal devices.

WERMA employs light emitting diodes for its EVS system. A microprocessor triggers random light signals, which make the light appear extremely “agitated”, thus generating a continuously high attention level amongst those in the vicinity – even when viewed out the corner of the eye.

LED Rotating Beacon 829
The third, newly available light effect is the LED Rotating Light. In contrast to conventional Rotating Mirror Beacons, the LED version generates the rotating signal by means of a set of LEDs which are triggered in sequence. As no mechanical components have been used at all, the beacon is completely maintenance-free.

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