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20 Apr 2009

Innovative Signal Tower Design FlatSIGN

Wide Range Visibility

Innovative Signal Tower Design FlatSIGN

Ingenious design blends in with surroundings
The new LED signal tower FlatSIGN excels thanks to its innovative functions and unique advantages: Outstanding features include the aesthetically pleasing, half-round design, generating an optical signal with a 160 degree angle of radiation. The wide angle of illumination ensures that the signal can also be clearly seen from the side.
The transparent luminous field is in a colourless design. The advantage: Even with strong ambient light the FlatSIGN signal can be clearly seen. Only in the event of an active signal does a field light up in red, yellow or green. The user can also set the signal to permanent or blinking light, as required.
If there is no active signal, then the flat LED tower discretely fades into the background, blending in perfectly with its surroundings - without distracting from the design of the machine or its environment. The FlatSIGN is available in a choice of attractive metallic or transparent housings.

Also available with buzzer or multi-tone sounder
The FlatSIGN is also available with an integrated buzzer or a multi-tone sounder with eight adjustable tones.

Flexible and with a range of mounting options
Ideally, the half-round LED signal tower is mounted on a smooth surface, such as a wall or a machine. An additional mounting kit facilitates a further range of fixing options, such as tube mounting, attachment to flush-mounted sockets and aluminium profiles.

Wide range of applications
FlatSIGN can be used for signalling in a variety of fields: From logistics, warehousing and materials handling to machine and plant engineering. Thanks to its high quality workmanship and appearance it is also ideally suited for building services applications. With the high protection rating IP 65 FlatSIGN can also be deployed outside.

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