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20 Apr 2009

Ex LED Beacons Keep a Cool Head

Whether in filling plants, in flour mills, joineries, the chemical or petrochemical industry – optical signal devices provide signalling in a range of different explosion protected areas. WERMA Signaltechnik has now launched two new long-life signal beacons for such applications: The 782 Ex LED beacons with rotating or permanent light.

Ex LED Beacons Keep a Cool Head

Excellent light intensity and high life duration
The new 782 Ex LED beacons stand out from the competition with their modern design and extraordinary brightness. The fluted dome generates an optimal light dispersion. The LEDs in the colour of the dome produce an extremely colour-intense light effect.
Thanks to their low current consumption, these beacons also generate savings in operating costs for users. Due to the innovative LED technology, the beacon has an extremely long life duration of up to 50,000 hours and is maintenance-free. Screwing open the housing to replace the light source is now a thing of the past.

Best temperature class thanks to LEDs
Even in continuous operation the beacons keep a cool head. The cool surface offers even the most ignitable of gases and dusts no reason to explode: With T6 or T 80°C, the device complies with the requirements of the highest temperature classes in Ex areas.

Permanent or rotating light
In addition to the light intensive permanent light variant, a wear-free 782 Ex LED revolving beacon is also available. The rotating beacon is wear-free thanks to the absence of any moving components. Instead, the LEDs are triggered in sequence, generating a strikingly intense signal with a rotating light effect.

Wide range of applications
The new 782 Ex beacons from WERMA can provide signalling in gas or dust explosion hazardous areas. With just one device, the user can cover the zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22.
The robust aluminium and glass housing has a diameter of 195 millimetres and a height of 305 mm. It has a flame-proof enclosure “d” and is equipped with an “e” connection area, making it easy to connect.
The extremely high protection rating IP66 enables it to be used both inside and outside.
The beacon can also be fitted with a robust, stainless steel wire guard to protect it from vandalism or accidental damage.

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