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17 Dec 2008

WERMA wins award for outstanding product

WERMA Signaltechnik have picked up a prestigious iF Product Design award, for the design and production of their ‘traffic light series’. The jury chose WERMA’s product over 2,808 entrants from 39 different countries in the competition.

WERMA wins award for outstanding product

Internationally acclaimed award: the iF
“With their (traffic light) product, WERMA have beaten a group of highly skilled competitors,” remarked the iF judges. A panel of top international designers and business representatives made up the jury for the well renowned awards.
The selection process involved observing current markets, interviewing industry experts and spotting exceptional design.

Praise for WERMA’s design and development
“Our customers are incredibly enthusiastic about the design of the product, so I was quietly confident that our product would be successful in the iF Awards…” says Christian Höhler, leader of the development department in WERMA and adds, “The design and function of the product complement each other perfectly – and that’s what our customers want.”
The winning product is aesthetically pleasing; combining high quality craftsmanship, top electrical engineering and innovative design.
Reinventing the conventional traffic light design with a new attractive, curved form, WERMA have created an eye-catching signal device. The light can be employed in a range of traditional industrial applications, as well as areas where aesthetics play an important role.

Celebrating the success
“These days even industrial products are expected to have a certain amount of artistic design” states Höhler. Designer Jürgen Schmid, from Design Tech, worked closely with the WERMA team. The result of the collaboration was a sleek and stylish product that incorporated expert signal technology.

WERMA are certainly no strangers to receiving awards for their products. They also won the iF award in 2006, as well as numerous other awards for design, production, personnel management and marketing. All projects are developed by a team of in-house experts, sometimes together with external designers. Their new iF award proves that all of their hard work was worth the effort!

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