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05 Dec 2008

VarioSIGN – Innovative Signal Tower with Unique Functions

and Diverse Range of Benefits A completely new signal tower form in combination with maximum functionality and cost-effectiveness – these are the main features of the new LED signal tower VarioSIGN from WERMA.

VarioSIGN – Innovative Signal Tower with Unique Functions

Electronic modularity and adjustable lighting configurations
One of the primary features of the new VarioSIGN is the electronic modularity of the individual signal stages, replacing the mechanical modularity familiar from previous signal towers.

Depending on the variant, a stage-by-stage or complete, attention grabbing illumination of the lighting body is possible. The lighting configuration is visible from one or both sides as required.

Discrete charm – innovative and unobtrusive design
Thanks to the modern design language and the attractive, innovative plastic housing, the new VarioSIGN can also be deployed in application fields where the design of the machine as well as the overall optical impression play an essential role.

If no signal is active, the LED tower blends into the background with its colourless, translucent housing - without distracting from the design of the machine. Only in the event of an active signal does the signal tower become “imbued” with colour so to say, making its presence known with its large, attention-grabbing illuminated surface.

3 variants with different LEDs
The new VarioSIGN is available in three different versions:
1. The LED signal tower with permanent light and preset, three-stage colour distribution in the colours red, yellow and green.
2. With the second VarioSIGN variant the three individual stages can be set in the colours red, yellow, and green by the user. In addition, the entire lighting body can be illuminated in one colour (can be triggered externally).
3. Thanks to the use of RGB-LEDs, the third version guarantees complete flexibility: In addition to the permanent light, additional lighting effects (EVS-LED or flashing light) can also be set. Furthermore, the entire lighting body or the 3 individual stages can be illuminated in seven different colours (red, yellow, green, blue, clear, violet, turquoise).

Modifiable lighting configuration and mounting position
The colours and lighting configurations of the VarioSIGN signal towers, depending on the variant, can be individually set via DIP switch and changed at any time

The lighting body of the VarioSIGN can be positioned to point upwards, downwards or horizontally, thus guaranteeing optimum signal visibility with every application.

Loud addition
With many applications it is necessary to amplify the optical signal with the addition of an audible signal. For this reason the new VarioSIGN LED signal tower is also available in combination with an optional loud, integrated buzzer. This combination generates a sound output of more than 85 dB, ensuring a maximum attention-grabbing effect.

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