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04 Dec 2008

Saltwater-Proof and with Long Range Visibility!

The 839 Series Signal Beacons from WERMA The robust 839 signal beacons from WERMA stand out with their clear modern design, the standard wire guard and the high degree of protection IP 65. Thanks to their saltwater-resistant aluminium housing the beacons are saltwater-proof, making them predestined for deployment under extreme conditions and in the maritime field.

Saltwater-Proof and with Long Range Visibility!

4 lighting configurations for a range of applications
The easy to mount 839 beacons are available with 4 different lighting configurations: LED permanent and LED revolving light, as well as a double flash and a rotating mirror version.

Double flash beacon and LED permanent beacon
The double flash beacon 839 stands out thanks to its high flash energy of 15 Ws achieved through the ignition of two flashes in rapid succession. In contrast, the LED permanent beacon convinces thanks to its high life duration of up to 50,000 hours and is also available in a DC multivoltage version.

LED revolving and LED rotating mirror beacons
The rotating mirror beacon 839 is extremely quiet and is able to generate a very high signal effect thanks to the internal rotating mirror. In addition, the low-wear belt drive guarantees a high life duration of more than 5,000 hours.

In contrast, the LED revolving signal beacon generates the rotating signal by means of a set of LEDs which are triggered in sequence. As no mechanical components have been used at all, the beacon is completely wear-free. Thanks to this innovative LED technology an extremely high life duration of up to 50,000 hours can be achieved.

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