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04 Dec 2008

Multi-Tone Sounder 139 and 141

Flash/ Multi-Tone Sounder Combination 439 and 441 Whether in automated equipment or building installations, across a diverse range of industrial and commercial settings, audible and optical-audible signals are indispensable in today’s world.

Loud multi-tone sounders 139 and 141 with 32 different tones
The multi-tone sounders 139 and 141 from WERMA Signaltechnik provide 32 different tones and frequencies for a diverse range of applications. In addition to continuous and alternating tones in a range of frequencies, the new multi-tone sounders also provide a large selection of defined international standard tones. The sound output can be adjusted in accordance with the ambient noise up to a level of 110 dB (multi-tone sounder 141), i.e. 105 dB (multi-tone sounder 139).

Multi-tone sounders in combination with light intensive xenon flash
Many applications call for the reinforcement of the audible signal by an optical signal. WERMA’s optical-audible combinations 439 + 441 provide the optimum solution: A loud multi-tone sounder in combination with an intensive xenon flash.

These flash/multi-tone sounders, in addition to an innovative and attractive design, can also generate a flash energy of up to 2.5 Ws (combination 441), i.e. 1.6 Ws (combination 139). In addition, 2 tones can be triggered externally and the optical and audible signals can also be triggered separately.

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