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04 Dec 2008

Multi-Tone Sounder in Unique Design

- with Optional Light Intensive LED Double Flash The multi-tone sounder 144 is an ideal complement to WERMA’s existing product range, impressing with its high sound output and simple mounting. During the development of this audible signal device special emphasis was placed on an elegant but nonetheless functional design suitable for an industrial setting.

Multi-Tone Sounder in Unique Design

114 dB sound output for a wide range of signalling
In operation the new multi-tone sounder generates a sound output of 114 dB. A total of 32 different tones are available for a diverse range of applications. In addition to continuous and alternating tones in a range of frequencies, a large selection of defined, international signal tones are also available.

The tones can be quickly and simply set via the coding switch, furthermore, 3 tones can be triggered externally via separate terminals.

LED double flash as extension
With many applications it is necessary to amplify the audible signal with the addition of an optical signal. The new optical-audible combination 444 provides an optimal solution: The loud multi-tone sounder 144 in combination with a light intensive and long-life LED double flash.

This optical-audible combination excels with a life duration of up to 50,000 hours and a very low current consumption. The optical and audible signals can be triggered separately.

Simplest possible mounting in 4 steps
WERMA consciously designed the multi-tone sounder and the optical-audible combination in order to ensure quick and easy mounting in just 4 steps: Simply fix the base in the required position, insert the connection cable and attach. Finally, snap the upper part of the sounder into place and secure it to the base with the screws provided.

The different mounting options (wall, floor or ceiling mounting) guarantee optimal sound propagation for the multi-tone sounder as well as the best possible visibility for the LED double flash.

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