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21 Apr 2008

LED Beacon / LED Traffic Light in innovative design

WERMA has extended its successful range of optical signal devices with the addition of the new LED beacon and LED traffic light in an innovative design. The new beacons are available either as single LED beacons in red or as LED traffic light combinations in the colours red/green or red/yellow/green.

LED Beacon / LED Traffic Light in innovative design

Innovative design for new fields of application
The new LED beacons combine a completely new traffic light form with a high degree of functionality and cost effectiveness. They can be deployed for a range of tasks within industry, automation and building services engineering. Thanks to the modern style and the attractive, innovative plastic housing, the signal beacons can also be deployed in fields where appearance plays an important role. They are especially suited for applications where the classical traffic light form is unsuitable, for example in the fields of access control, warehousing technology or in the leisure sector.

Choice of both clear and coloured lenses
The traffic light version of the new LED beacon is available with both coloured or transparent lenses. In the version with coloured domes, the LEDs produce light of the same colour as the lens, this generates a more intensely coloured light signal.
On the other hand, the colourless lenses generate an unmistakable signal even in direct sunlight.

Light signal radiates in the required direction
Thanks to the innovative mounting bracket, the direction of the light signal can be individually adjusted. After the bracket has been mounted, the customer has the opportunity to set the direction of the traffic light in accordance with their needs. The LED beacon and traffic light can be turned through 360 degrees, thus guaranteeing optimum signal visibility from all viewing angles.

An additional mounting bracket (accessories) can be attached beneath the beacon for a stylish, individual look.

A loud addition
With many applications it is necessary to amplify the optical signal by means of an additional audible signal. The new LED beacon and LED traffic light from WERMA provide the optimal solution: The high luminosity permanent LED light in combination with a loud integrated siren. This combination generates a sound output in excess of 80 dB and a tone frequency of 50 Hz.

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