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21 Apr 2008

LED and Permanent Beacon 890 in new housing

with innovative attachment options Whether at gateways, in underground car parks, multi-storey car parks and factory premises or for access control – the LED and Permanent Beacons 890 from WERMA can be deployed in a range of applications. Thanks to the new design, the beacons stand out immediately – a consequence of their innovative appearance, in addition to the colour intensive lighting effect.

LED and Permanent Beacon 890 in new housing

Up to three individual beacons from the 890 series can be combined to form a light intensive (LED) traffic light. And thanks to the new mounting bracket, the beacons come with a range of innovative mounting options.

New fixing bow for simple mounting
The 890 beacons and traffic lights can be attached directly to the wall or using the new fixing bow. Thanks to this new bow, attachment is now child’s play, completed in a few simple steps: Fix the bow, attach the pre-assembled and completely connected traffic light and tighten the nuts on both sides. The beacons can be attached pointing inwards or outwards, depending on the application and field of operation.

Clear lenses prevent confusion
The transparent, colourless lenses of the LED version ensure clear signalling even in direct sunlight: The corresponding beacon is only coloured when the signal is activated. This ensures unambiguous traffic light signals, guaranteeing maximum safety. Even in poor weather conditions such as fog, the light source ensures high visibility even from a distance.

Convincing design for a range of applications
Thanks to the high quality housing with the high of protection rating IP 65, the beacons of the 890 series (including mounting bracket) defy dust, wind and weather. They are suitable for outdoor deployment and for virtually all applications, both inside and outside.

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