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21 Apr 2008

Innovative mounting option for signal towers

KombiSIGN signal towers from WERMA are deployed with high-quality industrial equipment, fulfilling important monitoring and control functions, especially within the fields of mechanical and plant engineering.

Innovative mounting option for signal towers

The comprehensive range of accessories has now been extended with the addition of the new Foldawy Base. This provides customers with flexible and innovative mounting options as well as unique solutions for the signal tower series KombiSIGN 50, 70 and 71.

Minimises machine packaging with lower costs and easier transportation
The Foldaway Base from WERMA enables signal towers to be folded down completely, even when connected. This is especially important when machines with pre-mounted signal towers need to be dispatched. Before packaging, the signal tower can be folded down through 90 degrees in a few simple steps. The tower can then simply be restored to the upright position once the machine has reached its destination – all without having to remove the electrical connections.

Alignment of signal towers even on inclined surfaces
Using the new Foldaway Base it is now possible to align signal towers vertically, even on sloping surfaces. Simply fix the tube element onto the Foldaway Base at the required angle. The two parts can be adjusted in 7.5 degree steps.

Simple cable entry
Even solid leads and cables with a diameter of up to 14 mm can be effortlessly fed through the Foldaway Base. In addition, the Foldaway Base is equipped with the high degree of protection IP 65, enabling it to be deployed both indoors and outdoors.

Quick and easy mounting in a few simple steps
The new Foldaway Base can be mounted in a few simple steps: Simply place the lower part of the Foldaway Base in the desired position and insert the connection cable. Attach the upper part of the Foldaway Base directly to the signal tower tube and then place together the upper and lower parts of the base at the required angle, securing them with the screws provided.

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