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17 Mar 2008

Visible at great distances!

Tube mounting for the signal beacon series 826 to 829

Visible at great distances!

The signal beacons 826 to 829 from WERMA impress with their compact form and their clear, modern design. They are also easy to mount and are available in a range of different lighting configurations: permanent, blinking or flashing light. Double flashes, and permanent or flashing LED lighting elements and a range of different LED lighting combinations are also available.

Also visible at great distances
The signal beacons 826 to 829 are now available for tube mounting, in addition to base or bracket mounting. With the tube mounting option, the signal beacons now stand out more clearly against the background of the machine, increasing their visibility at greater distances.

This mounting solution is compatible with tubes with diameters of 25 mm and ½“ NPT. This means that they can be mounted on tubes in US format without the need for additional mounting material. Available accessories include a plastic or metal foot as well as aluminium tubes in a range of lengths.

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