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17 Mar 2008

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LED/buzzer combination 450 with acknowledgement function for AS-Interface

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Unique acknowledgement function with feedback signal via AS-Interface Bus
With the addition of the LED/buzzer Combination 450 with acknowledgement function, WERMA has expanded its range of products with integrated AS-Interface®. The combination unites a very bright light signal with the powerful sound of a buzzer. This product also features a unique acknowledgement function: by gently pressing the illuminated surface the audible signal can be turned off in a matter of seconds. This acknowledgement signal is fed back to the master via the AS-Interface Bus and the disturbance is only indicated by means of the optical signal.

Expanded addressing and a sound output of 80 dB
With the Combination 450 for AS-Interface an expanded addressing (A/B technology) of up to 62 modules is possible. The power required is drawn from the Bus voltage.

The LEDs radiate light both frontally and to the side, thus ensuring optimal all-round signal visibility. The combination is available with red or yellow LEDs. The 3 KHz continuous tone at a sound output level of 80 dB can be clearly heard above environmental noise.

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