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11 May 2007

WERMA takes up the fight against product pirates!

Together with the consumer goods industry the mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors that are most severely affected by product and brand piracy: whether it is car and aeroplane parts, medicines, food, textiles or signal devices - nothing is safe from the counterfeiters.

By “copying” innovative solutions or designs from original manufacturers product pirates succeed in saving on costly investment in research and development. As a consequence their products are significantly cheaper. Product pirates also profit from the manufacturer’s brand image. WERMA is also currently faced with such brazen product pirates!

Trade fairs - a popular arena for pirates
Increasingly, product pirates from around the world are making appearances at trade fairs, entering into direct competition with the manufacturers of the original products. WERMA was also confronted with copies of its signal beacons at this years Hanover trade fair.

WERMA immediately went on the offensive and with the assistance of a lawyer specialising in product piracy obtained an injunction from a court of law. This was then successfully enforced at the trade fair by a bailiff. The product counterfeiter was forced to remove the signal devices displayed on his stand, take down the posters and destroy the corresponding brochures. A small victory in the fight against the brazen pirates!

Protection for the end customer - WERMA products keep what they promise
WERMA would like to sensitise every end customer to the fact that the purchase of an original product is in their own interests. The reproductions cannot compete with WERMA signal devices either in terms of safety, quality or longevity.

Furthermore, every company should be aware that the purchase or resale of a counterfeit or imitation product supports an illegal act. It is important for every one of our customers to protect themselves from product fakes. However the fake and the original can barely be told apart – the Chinese signal devices are almost identical to the WERMA originals, especially in their outward appearance.

The best form of protection is therefore the direct purchase from WERMA or one of our official agents worldwide. Build on WERMA’s high quality products and comprehensive range of services. This is the only way to prevent the purchase of fake WERMA signal devices.

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