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12 Apr 2007

A Signal Tower that talks to you!

Ever wondered how you can address your machine operators directly with a spoken text to ensure a rapid response? Or how to issue clear, unmistakable directives? Maybe even in different languages? You could even announce break times with an encouraging “Let’s have a break” instead of the usual gong. You may be looking for a way to provide clear instructions in a workshop for the blind, or to welcome your customers when they enter the building with a personal company song.

If so, then look no further. WERMA has the ideal solution for you: The unique new vocal element can replay sounds, songs and recorded spoken messages.

Small element, great effect
The new module is simply integrated into the existing KombiSIGN 70 or 71 series signal tower, and can be supplemented with up to three further light elements. A bayonet fixing system allows mechanical and electrical connection of the individual elements in just seconds, making the new element ready for immediate operation using any recorded audio files, such as sounds, alarms, songs or spoken texts.

Simple programming and operation
Using the supplied USB connecting cable, the vocal element is simply linked up to a PC or laptop. It is automatically recognized as new hardware and appears as an external memory in Windows Explorer.
It is now possible to effortlessly move existing audio files to the vocal element using the drag & drop method. The sequence of reproduction can be controlled by naming the files. The first sequence is assigned for instance with 01.mp3, the second with 02.mp3.
It is possible to trigger up to 15 different sequences, although the next sequence can already be triggered whilst the current one is being played - thus preventing unwanted pauses between playback of the individual audio files.

Users can simply record their own texts via the PC using a standard microphone, and transfer them to the vocal element using the described method. WERMA offers a handy headset with integrated microphone as an accessory for self-recorded messages.

64 MB storage capacity and excellent tone quality
Characteristic features of the latest newcomer to the KombiSIGN series are excellent sound quality, infinitely variable sound output of up to 85 dB and an internal storage capacity of up to 64 MB. This capacity permits an extremely long replay capacity time of around one hour, depending on the coding.

When integrated into a KombiSIGN 71 signal tower, the new vocal element defies dust, wind and weather. Its high protection rating of IP 65 allows the vocal element to be used without hesitation in almost any operating environment.

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General Manager • WERMA USA

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