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12 Apr 2007

Light intensive LED Rotating Signal Beacon 280

The new LED rotating signal beacon 280 excels with its modern design and exceptionally high light intensity of 70 candela. All versions are equipped with integrated LEDs in the colour of the dome.

Light intensive LED Rotating Signal Beacon 280

This generates a colour intensive illumination with low power consumption. An innovative LED technology ensures an extremely high life duration of up to 50,000 hours.

Attention grabbing effect with rotating signal
In operation the LED signal beacon 280 generates a high signal effect via the LEDs programmed to create a rotating light. This rotating signal grabs attention far more effectively than a permanent light. The ribbed dome also provides optimal light dispersement and excellent visibility. No moving mechanical parts have been used at all - making this beacon free from wear.

Deployment on large machines as well as gates and barriers
The LED rotating signal beacon 280 is typically employed to provide warning signals in the proximity of large machines and extensive installations as the effectiveness of the signal is amplified by the ensuing reflections. This means that a change in the status can be determined without having to look directly at the signal beacon.

The signal can also be employed at gateways and barriers. The high light intensity of 70 candela provides an effective signal at long range, even under bad weather conditions such as fog.

Clever accessories
The LED rotating signal beacon has a diameter of 142 mm and is 220 mm high. These dimensions mean it can be easily mounted onto a machine using a bracket or a tube. The new LED beacons with the high degree of protection IP 65 are impact resistant up to 20 joules. However to prevent accidental damage or wilful vandalism a robust protective stainless steel wire guard can be fitted as required.

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