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12 Apr 2007

Rotating Mirror Signal Beacon 885

- now for tube mounting and with newly available flexible tube The Rotating Mirror Beacon 885 from WERMA excels with its compact form and its clear, straightforward design which was awarded the „iF product design award 2006“.

Rotating Mirror Signal Beacon 885

In operation the new rotating mirror signal beacon generates a highly effective signal via the internal rotating mirror.

New possibilities for flexible mounting
Characteristic for the rotating mirror signal beacon 885 is the long duration of over 5,000 hours, guaranteed by the low wear wheel and disc drive. Two new mounting options are now available for the rotating mirror beacon 885: Mounting on a tube and delivery complete with a flexible tube.

Tube mounting
The tube mounting option enables the rotating mirror beacon 885 to be placed at a distance from the machine, improving long range visibility. This mounting option is available for tubes with a diameter of 25 mm and ½“ NPT, also enabling it to be mounted on US format tubes without the need for additional accessories. Accessories include a plastic or metal base as well as aluminium tubes of different lengths.

Flexible tube prevents breakage
With the second new mounting option the revolving mirror signal beacon 885 is delivered complete with a flexible tube. This is equipped with a two pole plug connection according to ISO 4156, enabling the beacon to be easily attached to e.g. a fork lift truck or a tractor. The elastic material means the tube is flexible and hard wearing, largely preventing the tube from breaking due to collisions with objects or the corners of buildings.

Convincing design for a wide range of applications
The signal beacon 885 is typically employed to provide warning signals in the proximity of large machines and extensive installations as the effectiveness of the signal is amplified by the ensuing reflections. This means that a change in the status can be detected without having to look directly at the signal beacon.

The beacon can also be employed at gateways and barriers. The focussed beam of ligth provides an effective signal at long range, even under bad weather conditions such as fog.

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