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12 Apr 2007

We make sure you are heard

- The new Buzzers, Horns and Multi-Tone Sounders from WERMA Audible signals are employed when an optical signal alone is insufficient or unsuitable. In an industrial setting these signals indicate disturbances or warn of dangerous situations.

We make sure you are heard

The signal is composed of one or more tones or series of tones. The warning tone must attract attention and should, where possible, indicate a specific danger.

New warning device variants for base or bracket mounting
WERMA now provides six new audible signal devices in a compact form with an impressive sound output. Three difference tone variations are available: buzzer, multi-tone sounder or horn. They can be either base mounted or using the integrated bracket. The housing of the bracket mounted version is an aesthetic grey and the base mounted model black.

With the new buzzers 127 (base mounting) and 128 (bracket mounting), the user can set either a continuous tone or a pulse tone. The multi-tone sounders 133 (base mounting) and 134 (bracket mounting) excel with their 8 different tone types which can be selected according to the application. The horn models 584 and 585 employ the latest technology guaranteeing a life duration of up to 5,000 hours, ten times that of a standard horn.

Wide range of applications
The buzzers, multi-tone sounders and horns provide optimal solutions for generating warning and indication signals in industrial areas, workshops and factories. Their innovative design and attractive housings blend perfectly into settings where modern architecture plays an important role.

Adjustable sound output and high protection rating IP 65
With the new signal devices from WERMA the sound output can be continuously adjusted in accordance with the environmental noise. The high protection rating IP 65 makes them suitable for deployment inside buildings as well as in the open air or in rough environments.

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