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12 Apr 2007

Strong Showing in Hanover

The signal technology manufacturer WERMA will be exhibiting at the HMI - „Hannover Messe Industrie“ between the 16th and the 20th of April 2007. The companies latest product innovations will be centre stage in Hanover.

The company with a workforce of 190 and a presence in over 50 countries worldwide aims to deepen its relations with its international customers and sales reps as well as win new customers. The company will be presenting a number new product highlights to the industry public:

Sound worlds / audible offensive
The new audible offensive from WERMA will be providing listening experiences of a special kind with strong additions to the signal technology manufacturer’s range of sounds. Positive features include: higher volume, an even longer lifetime and features designed for coping with even tougher environments. The products are specially designed to meet the high demands in terms of architecture and machine engineering.

Music, noises or your own voice reproduced by one device
The new vocal element, integrated into a signal tower, covers the whole world of hearing. The secret: everything from noises, melodies, signal tones and even self spoken texts can be recorded and played back via the device, as simple as child’s play. The MP3 files are easily transferred from a PC to the device via USB which then controls the audio sequences.
Spoken texts e.g. at an airport, in a machine engineering setting or on a bottle deposit machine in a shopping centre can thus provide instructions for action.

The most powerful product on the market
Unique on the market is the new LED revolving signal beacon from WERMA. The powerful signal beacon 280 can be mounted on machines and can withstand the toughest of conditions. In addition to the excellent light quality the device also combines a range of further positive features such as shock resistance, a high lifetime of 50,00 operating hours and energy efficiency.

WERMA lights machines and alerts people
WERMA Signaltechnik has been developing signal technology for the world market for decades. The automation of different work processes in the present age is linked to a range of new problems and dangers. In order to overcome these potential problems and dangers, signal devices are mounted on machines which then indicate when a fault has occurred or is immanent.

Press contact

Udo Skarke
General Manager • WERMA USA

Tel. +1 (470) 361 / 0600