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19 Mar 2007

Pfister praises „Model Company for the Region“

The State Minister for Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister (FDP) first became interested in WERMA Signaltechnik when it was awarded the prize “Equal Opportunities for men and women in the Workplace 2006” in November of last year. Now he has made a personal visit to the family-friendly company.

Pfister praises „Model Company for the Region“

Together with Municipal Councillor Sybille Arleth, the Minister for Economic Affairs took a tour of the company at its site in Rietheim. This is home to the development, production, sales and distribution departments of the company with its workforce of 190 worldwide.

Christian Höhler, Research & Development Director, took pleasure in showing Pfister how the latest development methods (rapid prototyping), enable new products to be created even quicker.

Production Director Erich Martin showed Councillor Arleth and Minister Pfister how specialised intelligent modules are still assembled by hand in Rietheim, despite modern automated production lines. Minister Pfister commented with surprise on the bright and airy atmosphere throughout the company. “Cleanliness is part of our philosophy” replied Mr Martin.

During his visit Minister Pfister discussed the wider employment issues:
What about further education and training? “WERMA Signaltechnik places special emphasis on lifelong education for its employees”, replied Production Director Erich Martin, adding with a grin: “Even 55 year old employees are not going to be spared sleepless nights due to excitement before a computer course.”

Luckily the company cannot complain of a shortage of specialist staff and engineers, although according to the Managing Director Günter Kirn the company does feel the scarcity on the labour market.

The Minister for Economic Affairs encouraged the company to increase their level of apprenticeships. In response Managing Director Günter Kirn emphasised that the company placed importance on its own training. This is evident in WERMA’s above average apprenticeship levels compared to the mechanical engineering sector in general. In order to ensure that all apprentices and BA students continue to find employment with WERMA following their training, the company intends to continue to raise the apprenticeship levels only on the basis of healthy economic growth.

Following the tour Ernst Pfister concluded that: “WERMA is a model company for the region”

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