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09 Mar 2007

WERMA keeps you fit

"Am I actually still fit? I should take up sport again!” – who hasn’t had such thoughts from time to time? – On the “first WERMA health day” employees of the Rietheim company had the opportunity to take a close look at health and fitness issues.

WERMA keeps you fit

Together with the AOK (health insurance company) Tuttlingen, Dr. Aicher’s practice team from Spaichingen and the WERMA back pain prevention class, WERMA organised a day devoted to health issues on Tuesday 6th March.

At a series of different stations employees were provided with the opportunity to participate in all-round checkups in a playful and practical manner. Reaction times, blood, lungs and blood pressure were examined along with endurance, body fat index and nutrition.

„What gets me sweating?”
On the stepper Egor Schirling tested how quickly his pulse rose from 0 to 100. Julian Priebe from the AOK Tuttlingen, responsible for checking the pulse before and after the exercise, nodded in satisfaction.

„Blow hard” was the instruction from Giuseppe Palilla, AOK Tuttlingen. On the respiration device he measured the concentration of carbon monoxide in the exhaled air – responsible for smokers getting “out of breath”. Smokers were able to see how even one cigarette leads to a dramatic reduction in their oxygen supply.

Sitting for hours at a time subjects the back to considerable stress. Isolde Gajo, instructor of the WERMA back pain prevention class, demonstrated techniques for maintaining a healthy back using the gymnastic ball as well as giving an insight into the massage technique Bowtech, an alternative treatment for stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes.

Fresh vegetables and fruit snacks, water and juice as well as nutritional tips wet the appetite for a healthy diet.

The first WERMA health day generated an enthusiastic response. Around 80 of the 170 employees in Rietheim tested their health in an all-round check up. “The feedback from the employees is consistently positive”, is the satisfied response from Karla Kähler, PA to the Management Board.

Strategic health management
The health of the workforce is of paramount importance to WERMA. “It is part of our company philosophy. One of our targets for 2007 was, amongst other things, to provide a health day for our employees”, stated Mrs Kähler.

WERMA Signaltechnik also offers its employees healthy nutrition and exercise opportunities: Every day the company canteen treats them to fruit, mineral water and vitamin rich salads in an extensive buffet – free of charge.

Exercise opportunities and preventative classes such as skiing, rambling and weekly back pain prevention classes are also taken up with enthusiasm by the employees.

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