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18 Jan 2007

WERMA Managing Director receives award

Günter Kirn is businessman of the month! The Managing Director of WERMA Signaltechnik received the award for the model character of his company. The Business Development Association Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg awarded the title on 11.1.2007.

WERMA Managing Director receives award

Mr Kirn was honoured for the excellent performance of WERMA in the area of design and personnel policy. In a 45 minute live broadcast on Radio Neckarburg Mr Kirn and the reporter Martin Himmelheber spoke about the exceptional character of the company.

Captivating design „made in Swabia”
On repeated occasions the dynamic company from Rietheim has received international awards for its excellent product design. The Signal Tower “Design 42” and the “Rotating Mirror Beacon 885” demonstrate that excellent design from Swabia can easily compete on the international stage.
Kirn is especially proud of the fact that the designs stem from in-house development engineers rather than from external designers.

Model dedication to equal opportunities
WERMA has also drawn attention to itself in the area of personnel policy. The company pays special attention to equal opportunities in the workplace. With its flexible working time models, support for women choosing engineering occupations and a range of other measures, the signal technology manufacturer enables its female employees to combine family and job, removing obstacles.
WERMA was recently awarded the prize “Equal Opportunities for men and women in the Workplace 2006” by the state Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Dynamic middle-sized business
Günter Kirn, active on the management board since 1986, values medium-sized businesses for the opportunities they offer to actively direct developments. This is clearly demonstrated by the number of employees which has risen from 40 to 170 during this period.

Tips for young company founders
The experienced manager has the following advice for young people who want to start their own businesses: In addition to a good initial business idea, advice from a person “from the trade” is important. They should assess the validity of the idea. When founding a company a complementary partner is required: A salesman should join up with a technician and vice versa.
Last but not least, the necessary small change for the launch must be there in order to survive the initial phase.

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