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27 Nov 2006

Loud Ex-multi-tone sounder 714

Whether in refineries, filling stations, joiner’s workshops, flour mills or in the chemical and petrochemical industries – today audible Ex-signal devices find a range of applications in explosion protected areas. For this reason WERMA signal technology has added the loud Ex-multi-tone sounder 714 to its existing product range.

Loud Ex-multi-tone sounder 714

Deployment in zones 0, 1 and 2
The new Ex-multi-tone sounder from WERMA is designed for the deployment in explosive gas or vapour atmospheres. It signals dangers and disturbances in the zones 0, 1 and 2 and is constructed in accordance with the high degree of protection IP 65. The compact Ex-multi-tone sounder has a diameter of 93 mm and a height of 103 mm. The intrinsically safe product also stands out with its modern design.

International signal tones for the widest possible range of applications
The Ex-multi-tone sounder 714 provides 26 different tones and frequencies for a wide range of signalling applications – from indicating a safety status to signalling extreme dangers. The different tones can be set using DIP-switches. Two sound output can be set externally via voltage inputs. The volume can be set up to a maximum of 103 dB to compensate for the level of environmental noise.

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