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27 Nov 2006

Monitored LED Permanent Beacon 829

A survey of specialists conducted by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) has provided the proof: LED technology is the technology that will experience its commercial breakthrough in 2006. WERMA is actively involved in shaping this trend and is now able to offer the first Monitored LED Permanent Beacon.

Monitored LED Permanent Beacon 829

Monitored Beacon for Direct Connection to the Safety-PLC
A classic application area for monitored beacons is the safeguarding of machine cells and robotics, laser welding systems and plants in the automotive industry by means of light barriers and other detectors. Frequently, such protective measures are also required for packing and filling systems.
In connection with a safety-oriented control, the beacon 829 is predestined for muting applications.
LED Permanent Beacon for use in safety applications
The device is externally fed with 24 V DC which also serve the monitoring circuit. It is equipped with monitoring electronic which signals the current flow of the incandescent lamp back to two electrically isolated, potential-free semiconductor outputs. During fault-free beacon operation, both redundant outputs are closed.

In the event of a failure of the power supply, a wire breakage in the supply cable or the loss of conductivity in three or more LED strips, both outputs are opened. If a fault occurs in the monitoring electronics, at least one output is opened. If a maximum of two LED strips have developed a high impedance, the remaining four strips are still able to generate sufficient light intensity and no error message is sent. These fault detection mechanisms are prerequisites for the application as self-monitoring muting beacons in safety applications.

The connection to the safety switching device is realised via a 6-core cable which is connected to two comfortably accessible terminal blocks inside the beacon. Protection against false polarity is provided for. The outputs are short-circuit proof and a maximum of 100 mA may be applied. The maximum switching voltage amounts to 30 V DC. The ON-resistance of an output amounts to approx. 25 Ohm. The response time during normal operation and in case of filament breaks lies between 1 msec and 5 msec.

Extremely bright LEDs for a colour intensive light effect
The use of LEDs ensures a high degree of resistance to shocks, vibrations and other mechanical stresses and strains. The LEDs employed have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, an extremely low current consumption and are maintenance free. Thanks to its high protection rating IP 65 the beacon, which is available in red, yellow and clear, can also be used in rough ambient conditions.

The monitored LED Permanent Beacon 829 is characterised by an elegant housing design for surface mounting on horizontal surfaces. A bracket is available for mounting the beacon to vertical fitting elements.

Efficiency by innovation
The WERMA monitored beacon 829 constitutes an innovative development in the field of safety technology which provides the operator with economically efficient advantages within the scope of mounting, operation and maintenance.

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