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15 Nov 2006

WERMA Signaltechnik wins equal opportunities prize

WERMA Signaltechnik from Rietheim-Weilheim has won the first prize in the state competition “Equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace 2006”.

WERMA Signaltechnik wins equal opportunities prize

On Tuesday November 14th 2006, the Minister for Economic Affairs, Ernst Pfister (FDP) presented managing director Günter Kirn with the winners certificate at a ceremony held in Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. The certificate pays tribute to the exemplary measures introduced amongst the company’s 155 strong workforce to further the equality of men and women in the workplace and to promote the compatibility of family and job.

In his laudatory speech, Pfister praised WERMA’s commitment: “Play it safe. We make sure you’re seen and heard.” – referring not just to the products of the signal device manufacturer, but also to the company’s promotion of equal opportunities.

The dynamic company has always had good experience with female employees and was determined to extend this success to the whole of the technology sector. The hard numbers reflect this success, declared Pfister: “Out of the 155 employees around two thirds are women.” One third of the staff in middle management are also women.

The country needs young women – women and technology
WERMA carries out a great deal of educational work amongst young women in the technical field. The company recognises that young women generally do not consider technical occupations when making career decisions. With “Girls Day”, technical project work or a day of activities specially tailored for young female grammar school students, the company attempts to inspire young women to take up technical occupations.
When young women with a talent for science apply for vocational commercial training, the company offers them the opportunity to take part in an introduction day to spell out the possibilities of a more technical occupation.
This commitment has born fruit: In October this year three female students began a course of study in machine engineering at WERMA – a first in the history of the company.

Easing the load for families - parental leave and the return to work
„WERMA also considers parenthood as a phase in life that needs to be integrated and supported”, said Pfister. In the event of a pregnancy, the personnel department presents the prospective parents with a folder of information describing the necessary steps to be taken with government offices, institutions and the employer, before taking maternity leave.

Maintaining contact during parental leave
In order to maintain contact to the employees during parental leave, WERMA as a general rule invites them to its company events. In addition the company newspaper “WERMAreport” keeps them informed of the latest news.

Returning to work – a warm welcome!
WERMA also shows a high degree of flexibility concerning the point in time agreed for the return to work. Those returning, both male and female, generally return to their previous department and position.

Flexible working hours
A wide range of flexible working time models ease the process of combining job and family commitments for the returning parents. Flexitime, job sharing and 20 other working time models from the 10 to the 40 hour week are just a few of the available options.

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