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11 Apr 2006

LED flash for KombiSIGN 71

A survey of specialists conducted by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) has provided the proof: LED technology is the technology that will experience its commercial breakthrough in 2006. WERMA is actively involved in shaping this trend and is now able to offer the first LED flash for the signal tower series KombiSIGN 71.

Long life and maintenance free
An optimal light output using LEDs, no maintenance, low current consumption as well as resistance to shocks and vibration are the main features of the new LED flash. It is available in red, yellow, blue, green and white at a rating of 24 V.

Excellent signal visibility
Optical signal devices from WERMA assist in the timely and clear indication of process conditions, risks and imminent dangers. The new LED flash stands out from the traditional xenon flash due to its light intensity and an extremely long life duration of up to 50,000 hours. It is especially suited for battery and power pack applications due to its significantly lower current consumption.

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