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11 Apr 2006

Award-winning: The Rotating Mirror Beacon 885 from WERMA

Following last year´s - red dot design award"e;, 2006 has seen WERMA re-ceiving another highly acclaimed international design prize: the new Ro-tating Mirror Beacon 885 has been awarded the - iF product design award 2006"e;.

Award-winning: The Rotating Mirror Beacon 885 from WERMA

iF design award – synonymous with current design trends
Since its establishment in 1953 the „iF design award“ has been a consistent, renowned hallmark for “excellent” design. The iF label is a clear indicator to product buyers that the goods in question are sophisticated and of a high quality, having passed the equivalent of a “Design Examination”.

More than 1,100 participants from over 30 different countries compete each year in one of the most important design competitions worldwide. Thanks to its continual growth in standing it has risen to become an important indicator of design excellence. Up to 25 internationally recognised specialist jurors – designers and businessmen – engage in enthusiastic and critical discussion of the over 2,200 submitted products and concepts before selecting the award winners.

The winning product: the Rotating Mirror Beacon 885
The award winning Rotating Mirror Beacon 885 is an ideal addition to the existing WERMA product range. It stands out with its clear, no frills design and a new size. When in operation the new rotating mirror beacon generates an extremely high signal effect due to the internal rotating mirror . For the observer the impression is almost that of a flash of light.

During the development of the Rotating Mirror Beacon great emphasis was placed on a stately design that was nevertheless both industrycompatible and functional. WERMA consciously designed the done to enable a clear view of the fascinating technology in its interior - thus creating a successful interplay of appealing design and innovative technology.

The beacon also impresses with its long lifetime, guaranteed by the low wear wheel and disc drive.

Award-winning design for a range of applications
The signal beacon 885 is typically employed to produce warning signals in the proximity of large machines and within extensive installations as the signal effect is amplified by the resulting reflections. A change in the operating status is apparent even when one is not looking directly at the signal beacon.

A further area of deployment is the signalling of entranceways and barriers. The focussed beams of light ensure that even under poor weather conditions, for example fog, a strong signal effect is generated.

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