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11 Apr 2006

LED Permanent/Blink/Rotating Beacon 829 with external trigger function

The LED Beacon 829 from WERMA with external trigger function allows a range of light effects to be generated with one and the same device. The LED model can be operated either as permanent, blinking or rotating beacon.

LED Permanent/Blink/Rotating Beacon 829 with external trigger function

Light effectsset over control cables
Thanks to the external trigger function, the range of light effects offered by the new LED Beacon 829 can be set by means of the electricially isolated, binary coded 24V control cables. The full range of functions of this beacon can be used to the full, allowing the machine operator to employ the different signals to indicate the various machine conditions – without having to make adjustments to the beacon itself. In addition the LED beacon 829 can be used in conjunction with both positive and a negative trigger logic.

Extremely bright LEDs for a colour intensive light effect
The use of LEDs ensures a high degree of resistance to shocks, vibrations and other mechanical stresses and strains. The LEDs employed have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, an extremely low current consumption and are maintenance free. Furthermore, the new innovative LEDs employed in the new Permanent/Blink/Rotating Beacon 829 are now even brighter and are in the same colour as the covering dome. This generates an extremely colour intensive light effect.

The LED beacon 829 with external trigger function can be simply mounted on a machine, on a bracket or tube. For the base mounting model a robust wire guard is available to protect it from vandalism or accidental damage. All beacon types offer the high protection rating IP 65 and are suitable for both inside and outside use.

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