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11 Apr 2006

LED/buzzer combination 450 with acknowledgement function

The LED/Buzzer Combination 450 with acknowledgement function from WERMA sets new standards for optical-acoustic signalling.

LED/buzzer combination 450 with acknowledgement function

The combination unites a very bright light signal with the powerful sound of a buzzer. This product also features a unique acknowledgement function: by gently pressing the front surface of the product the audible signal can be turned off in a matter of seconds. The acknowledgement signal is sent to the control unit over an electronic switch and the malfunction is only indicated by the optical signal.

Frontal and side light illumination and a sound output of 80 dB
The LEDs radiate light both frontally and to the side, thus ensuring optimal all-round signal visibility. The 3 KHz continuous tone at a sound output level of 80 dB can be clearly heard above environmental noise.

Long life and maintenance free
Despite the range of features the LED/Buzzer Combination is highly economical and requires just 40 to 80 mA. As a result of the durable and maintenance free LEDs the combination has a life duration of up to 50,000 hours and can be simply connected using screwable connectors.

The fact that the device does not need a sound outlet, enables it to conform to the high protection rating IP 65. The combination is therefore resistant to dust and splashed water. It is especially suitable for the control panel and switch gear programme due to its compact size. The 24 V model can be directly controlled by any PLC.

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