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01 Feb 2006

WERMA brings (even more) colour into your life!

WERMA brings (even more) colour into your life!

Increased design orientation in machine construction

In nearly all branches and fields of business an increased trend towards design orientation is apparent – including machine building. The design of a machine and its accessories conveys the manufacturer’s quality statement to the customer. Form, colour and aesthetics are increasingly being borne in mind as a purchasing criteria. WERMA is actively involved in shaping this trend.

Unique opportunity and simple ordering procedure

You now have the possibility to order signal towers in the colour of your choice. The KombiSIGN signal towers 70 and 71 from WERMA are designed to harmonise with the colour of the clients product design, guaranteeing a uniform appearance. To this end the terminal element, the cap and mounting accessory (base, tube or bracket) of the signal tower are lacquered in the desired colour.

All you need to do is to tell us the RAL colour you require. All the colours of the RAL spectrum are available as standard. The KombiSIGN features, such as the practical bayonet system for easy operation and the modular construction continue to be available in the colour of your choice.

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