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02 Nov 2005

Intensive LED Permanent beacon 280

The new LED permanent beacon 280 is outstanding for its modern design and its high light intensity of more than15 candela. Each version is equipped with an integral LED that shines in the dome colour. This extreme colour intensity comes in addition to a life duration of up to 50,000 hours.

Intensive  LED Permanent beacon 280

The LED permanent beacon with a diameter of 142 mm and a height of 216 mm can easily be mounted on machinery using either a bracket or a tube. A rugged and rust-proof steel wire cage can be fitted to the beacon to prevent accidental or wilful damage. This can be fitted even after purchase.

LED permanent beacon 280 is reliable both inside and outdoors as it has a protection rating of IP 65. It is also shock-resistant up to 20 Joules and available in a DC multi-voltage version.

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