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02 Nov 2005

LED Obstruction Light 280

The law stipulates that buildings of a specific height and in the vicinity of airports as well as factory chimneys, towers, masts etc. must be marked by so-called obstruction lighting. This special lighting makes obstacles visible for pilots even in the dark or when visibility is poor. Obstruction lighting is one of the most important parts of flight safety.

LED Obstruction Light 280

The precise measures to be taken to mark obstacles are set forth in diverse laws, regulations and recommendations. Among these are the rules of the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) and, in Germany, the guidelines of the Ministry for Transport and Building (BMVBW).

In Germany obstruction lighting is to be used to illuminate obstacles of potential danger to aircraft by night when the highest point can be marked. ICAO regulations state that these can be up to a height of 45m.

Obstruction lighting must have a light intensity of at least 10 candela in a horizontal beam area of -2° to 10° and be in the colour “aviation red”. The photometric requirements must be fulfilled to a full 360° around the beacon, i.e. omnidirectional beacon.

WERMA’s new LED obstruction beacon 280 was developed to fulfil valid regulations and is suitable for use as such in accordance with the German BMVBW . In addition it is ideal for use as a “Low intensity Obstacle Light, Type A” in accordance with to ICAO Appendix 14, Vol1, Chapter 6.

The WERMA obstruction light is outstanding for its certified high light intensity of over 15 cd. Safe outdoor use is ensured by its high quality housing with a protection rating of IP 65. A rugged rust-proof steel wire cage can be fitted to the beacon to protect it from accidental or wilful damage. This can be easily fitted at any time even after purchase if it proves necessary.

The new WERMA LED obstruction beacon is the ideal choice wherever flight safety is endangered by high buildings etc.

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