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02 Nov 2005

AS-Interface Element for KombiSIGN Signal Towers

WERMA in Rietheim-Weilheim now offers an element for signal towers designed to meet the demanding requirements placed on AS-Interface actuators.

The new AS Interface Element is available with either Standard Slave or the new A/B technology. The Standard Slave models are, as specified by AS Interface specification 2.11, able to address up to 31 modules and trigger four tiers. The new A/B technology makes it possible to address unto 62 modules and trigger three tiers.

The new AS Interface element is available for the signal tower series KombiSIGN 70 and 71 and is virtually resistant to wear and tear as it is constructed with semiconductor switches.

An LED display provides a diagnosis facility for the communications and external auxiliary voltage. There is an addressing socket, protected from external influences, available in the element for the parameterization.

A user-friendly sliding switch inside the module can be used to provide the power supply required for the signal towers from an external 24V auxiliary voltage or via the integrated bus bypass. In case of an external supply, a 5W incandescent bulb can be operated per signal tower tier; in case of an internal auxiliary voltage from the bus, a maximum of 200 mA can be provided for the signal

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