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02 Nov 2005

Explosion protected Signal beacons 738, 783 and 784

Optical Ex signal devices are found widely in explosion-endangered areas, whether in refineries, filling plants, joineries, grain mills or in the chemical and petrochemical industry. This has motivated WERMA to add three new and high light intensity Ex signal beacons 738, 782 and 784 to its existing range.

Explosion protected Signal beacons 738, 783 and 784

Ex double flash beacon 738 has a high flash intensity of 15ws attained by the triggering of two flashes in succession. The new Ex rotating mirror beacon has a long life duration with its low wear wheel and disc drive. Ex revolving beacon 784 has an optimised effect with the light bundling achieved by the 3 Fresnel lenses.

The new Ex beacons 738, 783 and 784 are suitable for use in gas and dust explosion-endangered areas (zone 1 and 2, zone 21 and 22). They have a pressure-resistant metal casing with terminal connection “e” and are striking in their modern design and high light intensity.

The high quality housing with IP 66 enables indoor and outdoor use. Intentional or accidental damage to the beacon can be prevented by fitting it with a robust and rustproof steel wire guard.

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