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02 Nov 2005

142 Multi-tone Siren and Flashing / Multi-tone Combination

Audible signals have become a vital part in the most diverse industrial and commercial locations, whether in automatically operated plants or in the fitting of buildings.

The new WERMA multi-tone siren 142 offers 42 tone types and frequencies for the most diverse range of applications – from the indication of safety conditions to the indication of extreme danger. The multi- tone siren 142 offers a choice of defined international norm tones. Additionally, the duration of the signal can be defined, i.e. the automatic switch-off of the warning tone can be programmed with the greatest accuracy. Three tones can be triggered externally via voltage inputs. The volume can be set according to the background noise levels at up to 120 dB.

Many applications call for the reinforcement of the audible signal by an optical signal. WERMA’s new optical-audible combination provides the optimum solution: the loud multi-tone siren 142 in combination with an intensive xenon flash. This flash / multi-tone siren has a flash energy of up to 3,5 Ws and the 24V version offers four different flash frequencies. The optical and audible signals can also be triggered separately.

The housing of the multi-tone siren and the optical / audible combination is made of high impact ABS. Connection up is effected via screw terminals.

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